Pet Flight Nanny Services (in-cabin) small pet(s) not qualifying as service animals. 
When booking a pet flight nanny, please keep in mind that airline tickets go up fast as seats run low. Window seats are required for in-cabin pets*.

Refundable Airline tickets will be purchased. This is as a precautionary measure, for flight cancellations or any other unforeseen travel issues. Example: Pet travel health certificate is not accepted by TSA or Airlines, Ground Transportation will then be used if possible.

The most affordable way: book as soon as possible ( 2 week in advance or longer); the shipper** should meet the flight nanny at the airport. Same for the other end of the trip. The receiver*** should meet the flight nanny at the airport. If flight nanny needs to go to pickup address and/or drop off address, vehicle rental to either location will be added to the cost of the flight nanny service. Try to get the pick up and drop off on the same day to avoid pet friendly hotels near the airports. Please be clear with your needs on both ends of your pet's trip.

Pet flight Nanny's flat fee per day $200 (this is a labor fee, paid to my flight nanny)

Per USDA APHIS regulation Pets must have a Health Certificate within 30 days of travel. Shipper will need to send vaccination records this is needed in an authority agency.  (Please click this here to view and/or download APHIS Health Certificate.  Please use accredited veterinarian to avoid complications with the airline. 

Please see APHIS interstate travel requirements; choose the state or US territory which your pet is travelling to:

For international Pet Flight Nanny pet-shipping, Your homework starts with this 

*different than service animals
** shipper - person at pet's pickup address
***receiver - person at the drop off address

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