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Golden Doodle at Pet friendly hotel. Cambria Hotel Washington D.C. Capitol Riverfront

In-Cabin Pet nanny Service United Airlines
ooTo Enterprise LLC
pet services and logistics 
OOTO Enterprises llc has been transporting pets across the USA since 2019. The Ark at JFK, Happy Tails Travel have been my main clients.  I love helping families get their fur family safely from pet's origin (normally pet's home) to its new home, usually within the same family but with new address.  Dogs love seeing their known family members at the destination address.​​​​​​​

dogs love national parks and monuments.  long trips often mean longer stops for larger size dogs

Only up to 4 pets within one household will be transported from point A to point B per a vehicle unless rental van is needed for more than 4 pets or giant dogs or cats with giant carriers (liter boxes fit inside).  Most pet friendly hotel only allow 2 pets per room. 3 or 4 Pets means a 2nd handler will be required, which means an additional pet handler labor fee. 
Pet Rideshare is possible with my company. No more than 4 pets between 2 pet households on any segment of the trip.  I do not mix older pets with pups or kittens outside of pet households for pet's health reasons.
Pups and Kittens only: New kennels are required. New bedding, new bowls, new everything. This is to prevent transfer of illness from other young pets.

OOTO Enterprises LLC uses Google Maps for live tracking when mobile phone networks are available and will update our clients at all pet stops with photos/videos, ETA's, routes, etc.  

Photos and videos are taken often during pet transport trips or any time within the care of OOTO Enterprises; such as pet sitting or dog walking/hikes. 

​​​​​​​ Dog vacation packages are available for taking dogs into National and State Parks on long trips, for extended exercise breaks. Plenty of dog hike photos of excited dogs enjoying those walks within this website.



Before going forward with using this service.  Please understand, OOTO Enterprises LLC, loves pets and families that love their pets.  We don't transport working dogs or pets going to research facilities.
Please use APHIS state to state tool for Pet Records
Requirements for each state. Some states require Pet Health Certificates during pet transportation. OOTO Enterprises Requires for all pets being transported. All dogs and cats near 1 year or older must have their first rabies vaccination and proof of that.  

OOTO Enterprises LLC prides itself on quality of pet service. Your pet's health, safety, welfare is foremost important to me.  I prefer better sanitized pet friendly hotels such as Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Country Inn, newer La Quinta hotels vs budget motels that don't have parking lot security and lack other important services.  Driver's need the better rest for safe travel days, hotels with security at are less likely to have questionable activity going on site than the budget types.   

 On OOTO Enterprises BLOG Site, it goes over different price options. Sustainable Pet delivery option is in the works.  Need funding for that.   ​​​​​​​

dogs love snow. pet transport with father from Idaho to virginia

Please be aware of pet bidding sites.  Many of the bidders are brokers which will not be handling your pets at all.  If you do use a bidding site. Please make sure they are offering door to door service.  That way your pet isn't handled with multiple pet transport companies.  

Side note, if your pet transport includes dogs and cats within the same household.  OOTO Enterprises LLC will not be able to visit national or state parks for dog hikes.  After you read the paragraph below and check your veterinarian requirements, please fill out one of the forms in the next section below the APHIS link in the next paragraph.
Please review APHIS link for pet travel health requirements; especially for Hawaii, California, and north eastern states.  A  health certificate from the pet's USDA licensed veterinarian & rabies vaccination for all OOTO Enterprises LLC pet transports are required within 30 days of travel.  Absolutely no exceptions. Pets must travel with vaccination records. They may be needed in the event boarding facilities are used for various reasons. Only 2 times in 3 years a contingency plan was used which a boarding facility was needed due to family having travel delays and OOTO Enterprises LLC arrived at destination location a couple days before the family. If we arrive a few days early than the receiving, pet friendly hotels will be billed plus pet sitter fees.
Please scroll through this column for a view past pet transports , dog walks and pet sitting jobs with many happy pets.
The best way to contact me is use the "contact form" in this column below, or use direct messaging on my OOTO Google Maps Business page. Click Here (new tab will enter, look for messages and/or Q&A)
 I'll add all serious inquiries to safe caller list.
if you're not comfortable using online forms, please 
send a text message with the following info:
your name 
the type of pet service, the name and breed of the pet
estimated service dates.
(866) 772-0080

dogs riding in bmw i5 on pet transport

If you were a past client. please leave me a review at OOTO Enterprises Google Business.. much gratitude 🙏 

my first cross country pet transport

Please click of the oval buttons to view some my client's pets while in my care.
Google Maps, My timeline

everywhere I've been, pet friendly hotels, dog parks, national/ state parks, restaurants , gas stations and camp sites

please use form for initial contact. please provide first and last name. 
vaccination records are required prior to any dog hikes, dog walks, pet sitting, and/or pet transports.
Thank you! A Pet Care Coordinator will be in contact with you soon.
More Photos Below

somewhere outside of a polish grocery store in Chicago 

Sometimes dogs get transported in kennels.  its your choice if your dog is riding solo. if riding with 2 or more dogs from the same family, they must be in a kennel especially if leased sprinter vans are utilized.


Golden Doodle in the lobby of cambria hotel riverside dc

Walking to the dog park near the hotel. long flight in the morning

Walking to the dog park near the hotel. long flight in the morning

all kinds of cats, all types of pet friendly hotels

entertaining a clients cat at a pet friend bnb

I've been to all continental US states.  This photo was taken in Oregon, not too far from a wildfire.  I was happy to have been part of that emergency pet transport. and best of all, no damage happened to my clients property.

some states have nice rest areas and nice parks with grass. i strive to find the best parks for your dog.


route 66 dog park, Holbrook az

vip dog transport. nfl football player. this little frenchie is fast. must get lots of running time with his athletic man of the home

Oklahoma welcome station i-40 eastbound tx/ok stateline, has a wonderful grassy, dog park

smudge, i wanted to adopt him

Before I let cats out at pet friendly hotels, I make sure hotel windows are closed, hiding places are taken care of and all pet supplies are in the room.  Once I'm in a room for the night, I stay to pet sit your furry family member.

Lala at Sioux Falls

i supply dog beds and offer them, some dogs prefer human beds.  

mable at fdr national park in north Dakota 


i love dog walking and pet sitting this breed the most. they all know that i know what i am doing and they all respect me.  lots of love for them and no fear.  they are often the easiest to take care of on long trips.   

lots of pretty places

pit bully riding solo.  a single riding dog may utilize the entire back of my suv and ride comfortably on the dog beds

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